A Note from Eric Eddings


From everyone at Oregon Ice Cream Co., our hearts are with the individuals, families and communities who are devastated by the current Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Oregon Ice Cream Co. is committed to the safety of our people, products, community, and customers.

Go Down

The team at Oregon Ice Cream is doing everything possible to mitigate the seriousness of this situation:

We are systematically monitoring the health of our employees on a daily basis and are requiring them to stay home if at any time they feel their health and wellness is compromised. We have enforced social distancing and separation protocols to adhere to the Oregon Executive Order 20-12. At this time we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Our manufacturing plant continues to be operational under strong and attentive leadership from our team. We are diligently following all local, state and national protocols to uphold the highest food safety standards and provide a clean, safe work environment through our Good Manufacturing Practices.

All employees that can, are working remotely and staying connected by utilizing virtual meetings and other available communication tools/resources. We will continue to stay in close contact with our local Eugene, Oregon community to support our neighbors and share what we can during this difficult time.

The Oregon Ice Cream team is working hard to produce the same high-quality products you know and love with minimum business disruption. Daily conversations are had with our partners, vendors and suppliers to ensure a steady product supply. Our commitment is to produce safe, high quality frozen desserts that are readily available for our customers and consumers.

We hope that our Oregon Ice Cream Co. products will continue to spark joy and provide comfort during these uncertain times. You have our promise to provide transparency and to maintain our commitment to quality and safety first. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

Stay Well,

Eric Eddings and the Oregon Ice Cream Co. family